Who We Are

Welcome to Bienestar an initiative of Urban Strategies! Our name tries to capture our full mission, which is to improve the well-being of our communities. Well-being is defined by Dictionary.com as “a good or satisfactory condition of existence; a state characterized by health, happiness, and prosperity; welfare.” This is what we long for in our communities and neighborhoods-to see the people, families, individuals and children of our communities live with well-being.

For many of us, we love our communities for the people, places, memories we have made in them. Yet even so, we are saddened when we are confronted with the challenges that exist within the boundaries of our cities and neighborhoods. Though impossible to believe, here at Bienestar we have faith that we can make a difference. It takes time and dedication, but we want to walk alongside you to see how together, we can help make changes to the places you love so that their well-being can grow.