What We Do

Bienestar is a health and wellness initiative by Urban Strategies that aims to help faith leaders address the greatest health needs in their communities.  We achieve this by carrying out outreach, training and education to help community leaders determine how best to build the wellness of their community.


Bienestar equips, trains and tools faith leaders to address the challenges in their community. We achieve this by providing Technical Assistance & Training that is tailored to each community served by addressing the cultural and faith needs that determine the fabric of that community. The breadth of assistance ranges according to the depth of need but can range from one time assistance to a series of trainings.


At Bienestar we provide Program Development specifically around the following topics:

Physical Health: There is a wealth of resources out there on how to get fit. Yet the resources are not tailored to communities or created for communities to achieve goals together. Bienestar staff help to provide opportunities to educate, motivate and implement new programming in each community that gets people active!

Mental health: Wellness is about the whole person, and mental health plays a role in our overall wellbeing. Many believe that having mental illness is wrong and hence, do not get help. The truth is that we all could use some help every once in a while to help us get through difficult circumstances. For this reason, we are providing some resources to help you get there.

-Get informed:

-How to respond as a community (under development)
-Where to get help?

Spiritual health: Wellbeing includes physical, mental and spiritual health. For this reason, we have created a network of churches who are willing to be a resource for you. Go to RefugioNetwork.org to learn more.


A component of Community Development is about brining the right people to the table. At Bienestar, we work hard to bring the Faith Community together to create lasting change in their communities. We connect them to resources that will assist churches to achieve their wellness goals such as the following:

Federally Qualified Health Centers: FQHCs are community-based, participant-directed organizations that serve populations with limited access to health care, including low income people, the uninsured, and those with limited English proficiency. To find one near you, please go here: http://www.fqhc.org/find-an-fqhc/

Healthcare: In every community across the country, Healthcare.gov is working to increase access to affordable, quality health care. To find help or more information about enrollment, click here:

Mental health: MentalHealth.gov provides one-stop access to U.S. government mental health information. This site explains the basics of mental health, myths and facts, and where to obtain access to care. Click here for more information: